Affordable IT for Small Businesses


Hunterdon Tech will save you time and money by providing you and/or your company with comprehensive computer support and IT management. Don’t waste valuable hours every month trying to figure out what’s wrong with your system.  Let us help you fix your issues!

Hunterdon Tech’s support group is comprised of people that are passionate about technology and have over 20 years of experience helping people with hardware and software issues. Let our expert technicians assist with any of your computer & IT problems, including:

  • Computers (Desktop, Laptop, or Tablets)
  • Printers (Installation and troubleshooting)
  • Security (Including all Malware related problems like viruses or spyware)
  • e-Mail and Internet problems (Setup, troubleshooting)
  • Software (Support on over 100 titles including Office & Productivity software)
  • Multimedia & Video (including most popular video editing software)
  • Hardware (Including scanners, printers, faxes, digital cameras/Webcams and more..)
  • Network Management (including setup, maintenance, & troubleshooting)
  • Corrupt files (including Compressed & Zip files)
  • Website Design & Development (including social media integration & SEO optimization)

Hunterdon Tech offers dedicated, expert IT professionals with knowledge of an array of many types of hardware and software applications. Our goal is to provide you with a quality, personalized, and honest solution to your computer concerns. Whatever your computer needs may be, Hunterdon Tech is here to help. If you have any computer or IT questions, or would like a free consultation, contact Hunterdon Tech today!

What We Do...


Set-Up & Install Hardware & SoftwareSet-up & Install Computer support for set-up, installation & configuration of software and peripherals like Printers, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, etc..


Diagnosis & RepairDiagnosis & Repair Instant access to tech experts for troubleshooting and repair of PC, software applications & connected devices.


Malware: Virus & SpywareVirus & Spyware Removal Remove viruses & spyware, install security software & schedule scans to protect your data & online identity.


PC OptimizationPC Optimization Double the speed of your PC with optimization & computer support for highest productivity while reducing your energy costs.


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